The New Job is Interesting

Of course I did not really want to move here and I would not have if Emily and I had still been together. Once she went back to the West Coast I really had nothing to stop me from moving. At any rate I got to my new job three weeks ago and I have been learning some weird things. I now know that bahis siteleri means Rent a car Dubai, although the guy that taught me this is a Lebanese guy who speaks better English than I do, although he sounds as though he just bought some fish and chips in Soho or something like that. If you were listening to him on the phone you would think that he looked like John Steed from the Avengers, the old British TV show. Of course I was a lot more interested in Diane Rigg who played Emma Peele and looked amazing in the process.

At any rate this guy has been showing me my new region, which runs all over a huge part of Texas. It is centered around Austin, which is really awesome if you like live music. I have seen six great bands since I got here and I managed to get a date with a grad student from one of the other schools here. I honestly did not know there were other schools here specifically. She actually knew my Lebanese friend from the place where they both watch the English Premier League soccer games. She is from Kent, in the Southeast of England and her team is Crystal Palace which is in London. She and everyone else there make fun of my total lack of knowledge about soccer. Other than that she seems to be warming up to me very rapidly. It seems like my timing was really great when I met her.