Still Betting with No Power

The power in my home went out for a few hours last week, leaving me in the dark. I was in the middle of watching a movie on my computer when it happened, and the outage shut everything off, including my Internet. Since I had a tablet that was connected to a mobile network, I was able to access the Internet that way. I had a couple of hours of battery power on the tablet, and I decided to use that time playing around on betting sites instead of going back to the movie.

Things were going well, as I was able to play poker online against other people, but there were two things that I didn’t take into account when I started using the tablet. The mobile connection puts a drain on the battery, and having the screen on full brightness uses more power than the lower settings. In order to extend the battery life of the tablet, I turned down the brightness of the screen to that it was just readable. There was nothing I could do about the mobile connection draining the power beyond turning it off entirely, which would have prevented me from playing poker. The power slowly continued to drop with each game played.

By the time the power came back on in my home, the battery power on the tablet was less than 20%. I plugged the tablet into its charger and continued to play poker online. I was having so much fun with it that I didn’t want to stop. I forgot all about the movie that I had been watching before the power went out, and didn’t start watching it again until a few days later. Even when I was watching the movie, I was thinking about playing a couple of games of poker.