New Ford Ecosport: Tech Meets Comfort

Cars these days are designed by keeping in mind the convenience and comfortability of the car. The new cars which have been launched in the recent years are packed which unique features and advanced technologies. The most appropriate example of one such car is the all-new Ford EcoSport. The several unique features are listed below:

Unique Features of the Ford EcoSport:

  • It comes with a system which allows the user to pay close attention to the road, all the while when they are connected with their smartphones. The new feature which has been introduced is the voice recording feature for texting and calling purposes.
  • Parking the car in the reverse be a little tricky but it has been made easy with a rearview camera added to the car. This feature is specially designed to warn the driver beforehand if there is an unseen obstacle or people who are within a close distance of the car.
  • Another unique feature which has been added to Ford EcoSport is the automatic rain sensors. This senses the rain and also when anyone splashes water on the windshield of the car, the wipers need not be turned on manually. It gets to work on its own.
  • It gets difficult to drive in the night or when it starts to get dark, thus the brand new EcoSport comes with automatic headlights. You don’t have to worry about turning it on manually.
  • These days the most prominent feature included in the cars is that you don’t always need your keys for getting in your car. EcoSport also sports that unique feature. But in order to make this feature work, it is important that the drivers put the key fob in their bags or pockets. As soon as the system senses that it is within the range of the vehicle, the door cars can be opened be pulled open without the using the keys.
  • The Ford EcoSport is especially with the smart technology that it utilizes less fuel without lowering the performance of the vehicle.
  • It has been designed to give a smooth ride with its higher ground clearance.
  • The rearview mirrors of the car come with a unique addition which darkens the mirror-screen automatically when the headlight falls on it. This lowers the glare on the rearview mirror.
  • New developments have been added to the braking system of the vehicles which operates irrespective of whether you drive uphill or downhill. Once you remove your foot from the brakes, the brakes are held for a while which gives you ample time to accelerate easily.
  • To ensure the safety of the drivers as well as the passengers, it has been given a control system which helps the driver to drive in unfavorable weather conditions or on sharp turns. Like various other vehicles, it also features six airbags along with curtain airbags for driver and passenger seats for protection from any damage due to accidents.

Ford EcoSport is introduced in a wide range of colors with some unique features which has completely altered the inner and outer appearance of the car.