Motor home must Have Accessories

Since I now stay full time in a motor home inside the UK and feature had quite a getting to know curve on the way to survive in a confined space, I suppose this newsletter could be precious to those who are deliberating taking the plunge and people who ‘Wild Camp’ for prolonged intervals of time.

I even have spent a while going over all of the matters that I locate essential to living in a Motor home, Camper Van or RV. Some matters at the listing are commonplace sense and others are things you may properly forget about, so please read thru each item and the motives I experience them critical to living in a motor home.

1. 12V Freeview TV

A TV might also sound a touch apparent to maximum of you on the grounds that it is something that most people spend a long time looking at home, but, whilst you are Off-Grid and faraway from everyday civilization, it’s miles important to maintain informed on occasion, of what is taking place in the global. I find that 15 mins in the morning of local and countrywide news are enough to preserve your knowledge modern-day.

2. Diesel Night Heater (Webasto)

Heating is something you by no means consider until it’s miles too past due. At domestic, in-home surroundings, heating is taken with no consideration but when you are living in a motorhome heating is a matter of existence or best car covers for outdoor use. There are diverse gas heaters available on the market however I might not propose Propane or Butane warmers in a restricted space due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. You will have one geared up that vents to the out of doors, however, Gas is a commodity that I would keep for hot meals preparation.

3-Way Fridge Freezer

Although a fridge freezer won’t sound a necessity in a motorhome it does provide you with the option to preserve consumables for longer intervals of time without the want to have to go back to stores on a day by day foundation. So, although there may be an initial outlay in shopping a three-Way Fridge Freezer you will store cash ultimately.

There is a difference in a home refrigerator freezer and a three-Way Fridge Freezer. A domestic refrigerator freezer runs off mains power (230V AC in the UK and 110V AC within the USA) so whilst the mains fails then the fridge freezer does now not operate. A three-Way Fridge Freezer is away extra sophisticated in that it can run on mains strength, 12 Volt DC (Leisure Battery) energy and additionally Gas (Propane or Butane)

The fridge freezer I purchased is a Demotic EYES (Automatic Energy Selection) fridge freezer. I have the capability to manually select the energy supply I desire to apply i.E. 230 Volt Mains Electricity, 12 Volt DC battery electricity or Propane / Butane Gas. The nice function it has is an automatic choice feature, whilst that is decided on it first uses 230 Volt mains energy to run, within the event of the refrigerator freezer not detecting mains energy it then switches to Gas (Propane / Butane) to run. If for any because fuel isn’t always present, or the gas supply runs out then it eventually switches over to 12 Volt DC enjoyment battery strength. This is to make sure that the batteries are the last energy to be tired with the aid of the refrigerator freezer.

4. Solar Panels & Charge Controller

Battery energy is something all and sundry dwelling in a motorhome desires to consider. Without it, you may haven’t any lighting fixtures, TV, Cooling or charging for accessories. Generally, speakme maximum Motor homes / RVs / Camper trucks come geared up with a 110AH 12V deep cycle amusement battery. Without supplementary charging the battery will soon grow to be depleted, leaving you and not using electricity. One manner to price the battery is to run the motorhome engine however this is a completely inefficient manner to price the amusement battery unless you are truly touring somewhere. The satisfactory answer is to suit a solar panel machine on the way to fee the battery in daylight hours, the bigger the panel the higher.

5. Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide kills! A Motor domestic is really a really hostile environment to stay in. Gas cookers, Gas Hobs, Gas water warmers and from time to time Gas Space Heaters all function within a Motor home, truely placed here’s a LINK to a need to have objected, installation it efficiently as in keeping with the producer’s commands and if feasible purchase more than one and take a look at them once a month. If you are taking nothing greater from this newsletter, please for protection’s sake, buy a mixed Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detector and use it.

6. LED Lights (Get rid of the antique lamps!)

For a long time, LED lights has been peddled because they ought to have energy-saving object to shop for however the reality is still very recently the LED turned into no longer actually as green, in terms of mild output, because of the humble fluorescent lamps. Things have progressed over the last twelve months to a point now where LED (Light Emitting Diodes) at the moment is extremely efficient and the mild spectrum range may be compared to each fluorescent lighting fixtures and even incandescent lighting.

7. Bed Throws

Does bed throw? You may think this one is trivial, but I can assure you that keeping warm at night time is essential. Not only for comfort but additionally for a great night’s sleep, without lots of layers, you’ll no longer be able to characteristic. I first of all purchased some heavy tog mattress sheets in the hope they might maintain me heat at night dwelling wild inside the Motor home however soon determined that they by myself have been no longer sufficient. I attempted diverse extra covers and ultimately discovered that layers were the solution to a warm bed. The greater layers you’ve got allows your body warmth to heat the ensuing air pockets up allowing you to have an excellent night’s sleep, despite what the weather is doing outside.

8. Hot Water Bottles

Well, when the climate receives clearly nasty (As it often does inside the UK) then the solution for me is to warmth up a kettle of water, fill more than one warm water bottles and wrap them in a towel and dad them on your mattress. I observed that they stored me warm all night time and were properly worth having in storage just encase!

9. Wind Out Side Awning

If you are wild tenting (Overprinting somewhere public, a supermarket automobile park or in a faraway lay through) then I could strongly suggest which you by no means wind out your awning as you may stand out like a ‘Sore Thumb’ What I find is that after I visit Motor domestic parks or campsites that an awning is valuable. It sounds trivial however if the solar is shining it is right for the soul to take a seat out in the coloration of an Awning and read a book, paintings on the computer and simply get some clean air and stretch out a little. My Awning more than doubles my dwelling area and with the privacy aspects attached is incredible for drying clothes in and wearing out various chores. If you could have enough money one, get one, you may now not regret it.

10. Reversing Camera

My Motor domestic is over 7 meters long, this does not pose a problem when using in trendy however whilst you want to return up in a tight space then my reversing camera is something, I am so happy I established as I can get inside inches without the want for guesswork. I to start with bought the package as a wi-fi reversing digital camera gadget however the wi-fi function became nothing less than disappointing. With such a lot of matters using the wireless band waves now, wireless doorbells, wi-fi opening gates, Other wireless cameras the chance of interference is inevitable. Also, they claim to cover over 100ft but in studying nearer you locate that is in ideal situations with a clear line of sight.