Leveling Kit or Lift Kit: What to Choose?

So, you have decided that you want your truck to be lifted to make it look killer or to increase off-road performance in general. That means now you must choose between lift kits and leveling kits as they are your best options. If you drive Ford — go ahead to autokwix.com and pick best leveling kit for your beast.

Leveling kit

A leveling kit is a simple tool that allows to slightly raise the truck’s front end by a few inches (usually not more than 2″ to match it to truck’s back end height). Probably one of the best advantages of leveling kits is that they are easy to use, you can do it by yourself using only torsion keys or spring spacers to get the job done. Mostly, lifting by a leveling kit is done for look, but it also adds you a small amount of ground clearance to the front of your truck.

Lift kit

A lift kit is something that can help you to actually get the body of your vehicle off the ground by placing spacers and blocks between the body and the frame. With the lift kit, you can raise your truck anywhere from two to ten inches or even more. Of course, the process of installation of lift kit is much more complicated comparing to leveling kit, but if you need much higher ground clearance, more room for bigger tires and ability to drive in any possible nature conditions – you should definitely go for it.


As you see, to choose between leveling or lift kit you should be sure what your goal is and what you really want. Both of them can be great investment for your vehicle, if you use your truck on daily basis and just trying to find the way to balance out the look of your truck – easy and affordable leveling kit is exactly what you need, on the other side, if you are a serious mudslinger and like to go off-road every time you can crawl over rocks, cruising over dirt mounds and setting to all kinds of outdoor challenges – a lift kit should be your choice.

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Author: Liam Brooks, autokwix.com