How to Buy the Best Quality Coilover for Your Family Car?

Coilovers are a popular way to improve the handling of a car, as they lower the center of gravity, harden the suspension and reduce the roll of the body. Like any part that can help your car go faster or drive better, Coilovers have both benefits and disadvantages.

Family car coilovers

What are Coilovers?

The word “springs” refers to a shock coil on the design in which the coil spring is installed around the discharge, creating an integrated unit. Coilovers have their roots in racing, where they were used for the first time. They are perfect for racing cars, since the characteristics of them can be easily changed, whether it is compression, extension or body height. They have also been gaining widespread popularity in street-driven vehicles because of their ease of adjustment.

Should you use Coilovers?

Whether Coilovers should be used depends on how the car is to be used. If it is a car show or a car that is not aggressively driven but wants a lower suspension for aesthetic purposes, it may be okay to just lower springs. If, on the other hand, you use your car for Auto-crossing, testing time, racetrack days or full-on, coilovers will give you great flexibility when it comes to setting up your suspension. Even if you do not write competitive events or track days with your car, coilovers will make a car much better handling on the street.

Types of coilovers

True springs use collisions with a threaded body. To adjust the stiffness and height of this type, the spring has to be decompressed, which will allow the spring perch (or something that the spring hanger rests on) to be screwed up and down.

Sleeve coilovers are similar to the thread type but are not as sophisticated. Instead of a threaded body, the spring rests on a sleeve. The sleeve is held in place in a variety of ways, which can be something as simple as an Allen screw that holds the base in place that, in turn, supports the spring. There are also some that have additional locking plates or double locking plates to keep the spring from slipping and moving. One disadvantage of sleeve coilovers is that they can tend to be noisy over potholes and curves since the installation is not as safe as a threaded coilover.

Who makes them and how much are they?

Coilovers are made by a number of companies, whose numbers have grown considerably in recent years as springs have become more popular. Springs prices range from $ 300 for the cheapest sleeve type up to $ 3000 or $ 4000 or more for high-end brands. A good quality set of Coilover can be purchased for around $ 1200.