An Unexpected Meeting Online in Poker

It’s always funny when my brother and I are looking at betting sites and we end up playing a game of poker against each other. We don’t really plan for things to happen this way, especially since we are both on opposite sides of the country. My brother moved to the west coast to be an actor, while I stayed on the east coast. Although we have time zone differences, we can still find time to get on the sites at the exact same time and when we find each other playing poker, it’s always funny to us.

The last time my brother and I played a game against each other was earlier this week. I was just getting home from having dinner with some friends, and I wanted to relax with a little poker. My brother was just getting home from working and he was playing the game to pass the time before he had to get ready for a date. I entered a room with some other players, and then he did too, and when I saw him in my room, I called him on the phone and we both started laughing about the whole thing.

I was able to beat my brother and the other players in the room, and my brother wanted to play again against me until he was able to win. He eventually won one game after having lost to me at least five times, but it didn’t matter to him, because that one victory was worth it. I asked him when he would be playing again, and he said that he didn’t know, but it would probably be some time later in the week. I told him that I would anticipate his presence and would be glad to beat him again in a few games.