A Tournament for Poker Players

Every year, one of my friends decides to host an even where everyone can get together and have fun. Last year he hosted a pool tournament, and the year before that it was a fighting game tournament. This year, he threw a Texas holdem poker tournament. In order to practice for the tournament, I played some online games on casino siteleri. I was hoping to get the edge against everyone else by playing against some of the best players that could be found on the Internet. I thought my plan was foolproof, but there was one problem that I didn’t think about.

Other people who were competing in the tournament had the same idea that I did, meaning that other people would be tested by the same skilled online players and be ready for anything. My advantage was no longer … Read the rest

Still Betting with No Power

The power in my home went out for a few hours last week, leaving me in the dark. I was in the middle of watching a movie on my computer when it happened, and the outage shut everything off, including my Internet. Since I had a tablet that was connected to a mobile network, I was able to access the Internet that way. I had a couple of hours of battery power on the tablet, and I decided to use that time playing around on betting sites instead of going back to the movie.

Things were going well, as I was able to play poker online against other people, but there were two things that I didn’t take into account when I started using the tablet.… Read the rest

The New Job is Interesting

Of course I did not really want to move here and I would not have if Emily and I had still been together. Once she went back to the West Coast I really had nothing to stop me from moving. At any rate I got to my new job three weeks ago and I have been learning some weird things. I now know that bahis siteleri means Rent a car Dubai, although the guy that taught me this is a Lebanese guy who speaks better English than I do, although he sounds as though he just bought some fish and chips in Soho or something like that. If you were listening to him on the phone you would think that he looked like John Steed from the Avengers, the old British TV show. Of course I was a lot … Read the rest

An Unexpected Meeting Online in Poker

It’s always funny when my brother and I are looking at betting sites and we end up playing a game of poker against each other. We don’t really plan for things to happen this way, especially since we are both on opposite sides of the country. My brother moved to the west coast to be an actor, while I stayed on the east coast. Although we have time zone differences, we can still find time to get on the sites at the exact same time and when we find each other playing poker, it’s always funny to us.

The last time my brother and I played a game against each other was earlier this week. I was just getting home from having dinner with some friends, and I wanted to relax with a little poker. My brother was just getting … Read the rest